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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Halfway Stage

I hope everybody had a great holiday full of fun and laughter.

As the schools are on holiday I have had more time to knit so I have got along nicely with the Wedding Shawl.  I also played around at making Gift Certificates. I found a pretty Poinsettia background on my computer, which was perfect for what I wanted. I gave one to Julia saying that I will knit her any shawl in any colour and she thought it was a fantastic idea. I had better get on with those I am already doing.
Halfway Stage

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Top - cashmere. Bottom - Cashmere/silk
The start.


I started Kayte's wedding shawl yesterday. She decided on the pure cashmere yarn from Loophole and little pearl like seed beads. I can't believe how soft the yarn is to use and I am pleased the way it is turning out so delicate. Just perfect. The weather is wet and windy at the moment so hopefully I will get quite a bit done before Christmas starts.

Last week I started a scarf from some left over yarn I used for a jacket. It is one of those things you can knit and talk, perfect to do while watching the TV at Christmas. It has a leaf pattern around the edge which I found in a pattern book.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Craft Fair 1 & 2 done

Mostly my own shawls & scarves
Brighstone Craft Fair my table
What an interesting 2 days I have had, but a steep learning curve. Thursday was at the school and I shared the stall with Rachael (a friend) who sells Gluten/sugar/dairy free produce. I had couple of people who took my information and seemed interested in taking it further, but also I spoke to a teacher who possible would like to start an after school club for knitting. Rachael did well and sold about half of her stuff.

Yesterday was all day. Everybody there was helpful and friendly. Of the people who took information a few seemed really interested, and a parent said she was going to suggest to the head of the Primary school about a knitting after school club, so maybe something will come of that.

I have got a small ball of rabbit/merino wool to try out. One of the ladies was spinning. If I like it there is a possibility of buying locally spun yarn to make scarves etc which would be great. Also I was put into contact with a shop in Newport which sells locally made things. They rent out shelves for £10 a month so it will be something to look into.

I played around at displaying things, after these photos were taken, and I opened a shawl and a few scarves and I noticed that people stopped and looked more. Also another stall was using a clothes-horse which was vertical rather than at an angle so I will look out for one of those. I did not take my tailors dummy which I think I should have. 
Basically a successful two days. 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas Craft Fairs number 1 & 2. :-)

Tomorrow I am off to my first craft fair, to try and sell something. :-) It is a school Christmas fair to be exact. Kayte's children's school fair and she asked if I would like to share a stall with a friend who sells gluton/suger free cakes. So I have been busy sorting out flyers with information, which shawls, and scarves to take etc. It is going to be fun to do.

Then yesterday I had a phone call from the organiser of Brighstone Tree Festival. When I enquired about going earlier in the year there was no tables available but it seems somebody has dropped out so I am off to show off my shawls there on Friday. I am very nervous about this one as this is a real fair, but at least I will have had a practise the day before.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fingerless mitts

The latest pattern and yarn came through the post on Saturday from Goddess Knits, Fingerless Mitts. They are fast becoming my favourite mitt pattern she has sent out. I have decided to make the cuffs longer which means I have had to buy some more beads but they were easy to match.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

My new Banner

I have my new banner, two lovely faeries knitting. The Knittington Fairies' twins, Christiana and Cassandra. Marianne Coyne from Leisure Lane has designed them. I should really be preparing for school this week, but I just had to get them on  the blog and show them off.  If you want to see what other beautiful pictures she has drawn go here. The Knittington Faerie's Shop.

Ok so I had better go and do some work. :-(

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Left over Yarn

I knitted a cowl from Goddess Knits and I had enough yarn left over to knit a scarf/shawl. I adore them both and I am seem to be wearing them whenever I can. Although at the moment it is too hot, but I shouldn't complain about that.

This made me me think about all the yarn I have collected over the years, especially from the Unicorn club blanket. This was a mystery yarn which was dyed up every month for a year by Fyberspates and The Natural Dye Studios. I bought a skein or two each month and ended up with a rather big blanket.  It turned out it was made of Silk, Cashmere and Llama. As a consequence I have quite a few balls of varying colours. 

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Perfect Little World Blog giveaway

One of the members of Knit1Treble on Esty is running a competition giveaway on her blog Perfect Little World. You just have to add a comment and say hello to be entered in the draw. The prize is a charming Tilda witch.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Found the perfect profile picture

I have looked and looked for a picture of a knitting faerie. This is the name I use on Ravelry but have not been able to. I would love to find something for my Esty account and shop. That is until yesterday when I came across this site Knittington Faeries . I have written to Marianna and she replied saying shewill get back to me next week as she is finishing a book. Then we are going to discuss the idea  of her doing a faerie knitting the words "Wrapped In Colour" . I am soooo excited at the idea.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

On Esty

Finally I have opened my shop on Esty by putting 2 scarves which I have knitted. It seems to have taken ages to check the shipping amounts, write up the information etc. So now I just have to sit and hope when or if anybody decides to buy something I can get the next step done correctly. :-)

As for the yarn for the wedding shawl I have found some on Esty and Knitting Goddess and Fyberspates are going to dye some for me.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Wedding Shawl

It turns out my friend is allergic to yarn that comes from sheep. After some testing it has been decided that cashmere yarn on its own or mixed with silk will be the answer and she would like variegated yarn using dark blue to powder blue. I have found some cashmere on Etsy in  KeystoneArtAndCraft  shop, which is a start. 

As for what I am knitting, I have got my Aquamarine Scarf finished with some changes as I wanted more depth at the back. I now am trying to complete my Marbon Shawl but the edging seems to go on forever.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Shrug for a wedding

Thistle Scarf
Kingfisher Scarf/Shawl
I have not been around much as my dad has been ill, but the great thing about knitting is you can take around with you. I have finished the Apatite Cowl by Renee and Thistle Scarf & Kingfisher Blue Scarf, both fromVictorian Lace Today book.

I have been asked to knit a shrug for a friend's wedding. I have been looking around on Ravelry and there is a wide selection so I am going to have to narrow the options done. I will have to have a chat with her on Monday and show her some patterns and see what she has in mind.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

One Scarf finished, starting another

Citrine Scarf
I finished the Citrine Scarf on the ferry back to England and have started Scarf "Wide and Handsome Border for a Mantel Drape from Weldon's, Series 6, Volume 2, 1887" from Victorian Lace Today. I am using Claudia Linen Lace.( Thistle Scarf) Next job is to take a photo of the Citrine Scarf and put it in my Esty shop...That is the hardest part I never take good photos.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Saturday in Spain

Only two more days and then I set off back to England. I have done lots of knitting, one glove is nearly finished maybe I will get the other one started on the ferry back to Portsmouth.

It has been great to see my friends and catch up on what has been going on. It seems quite of few of the children I taught to french knit, do cross stitch and knit still do it. It makes me feel good that I might have interested another generation and all the tangled wool and fogging back and reknitting was worth it.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Off to Spain

I am off to Spain tomorrow it looks like the weather is going to be fantastic. I am driving down through Spain from Bilbao to Valencia to pick up some boxes I left at a friends and see everybody. I need to decide on what knitting I am going to take....
Something small to put in a bag - the May KAL for the Jewelbox Lace club will be perfect fingerless gloves.

The boat trip - finish off my Mabon shawl. I am just have the edge to finish.

Something easy for when I am catching up on the gossip. - Citrine scarf is easy.

Will this be enough? 

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Wear Shawls anywhere

I have just read this in Knitting Daily Blog. I think it sums up the way I think. Why keep shawls for special occasions?
“I have a friend who knits the most beautiful lace shawls. One day I asked her where she wore them, and she said "Oh, wherever—usually to Alberson's and Costco, actually, because I don't go anywhere fancy." I loved that answer so much—what a great attitude. Another friend who's a beader employs the same philosophy: she wears her creations with dresses and sweatpants alike.”
What do you think?