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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Found the perfect profile picture

I have looked and looked for a picture of a knitting faerie. This is the name I use on Ravelry but have not been able to. I would love to find something for my Esty account and shop. That is until yesterday when I came across this site Knittington Faeries . I have written to Marianna and she replied saying shewill get back to me next week as she is finishing a book. Then we are going to discuss the idea  of her doing a faerie knitting the words "Wrapped In Colour" . I am soooo excited at the idea.


  1. Hello Christine,

    I was on the computer, and decided to see what you were doing and saw this post...your Knittington Fairy design is complete, and you should be receiving an email from me very soon.

    Again, your shawls are wonderful, and I'd be happy to link your blog and/or shop to my blog.

    Have a great day,