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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

10 Reasons why I knit

Why do I knit? Why do I always seem to have a pair of needles in my hand? Spend my hard earn cash on yarn? Umm well let’s start at the beginning. My mum believed you should have a go at lots of things. Sitting around doing nothing was not an option, and watching the TV was limited. I learnt to knit, crochet, sew, embroidery, French knitting the list goes on. I have continued to dip in and out of each handicraft activity depending on my mood ever since. The only one I never liked is embroidery, although I do like cross-stitch.

So why have I ended up doing knitting more than any of the other crafts? 
1.     I can't sit still doing nothing: Basically I need to be doing something but that does not answer why knitting.
2.    It is portable: Ok when you get to the end of a jumper or shawl you can't really pop it into a bag, but a sock, hat or scarf goes nicely in to a bag. I confess I always have some knitting in my bag. This really started when I was in Spain. Queues are an everyday way of life; if you need to do an official paperwork expect at least an hour wait, possible 2 hours! You can even knit standing up!
3.    Different projects: I have at least 3 projects on the go at the same time, i) bag knitting ii) watch TV knitting iii) It's hard, I have to concentrate knitting. This means I never get bored, and during the day I use my brain but also do some fun knitting.
4.    You never stop learning: In knitting there are 2 basic stitches knit and purl. What you do with them is the fun part. There is always a new skill to be learnt, books to be read and things to try and do.
5.    You handle lovely, soft, amazing yarns: Its an excuse to go and find and use unusual yarns...Yak, camel, milk fibre, tree pulp the list goes on.
6.    I enjoy teaching:  I could teach any craft it just I have gone down the road of teaching knitting. I love it when somebody is so pleased with what they have done.
7.    I need to use my brain: One of my projects is either using a complicated pattern, or one where I have to change something, and work out new measurements.
8.    I can make things that fit me and they are the colour I want: Bought jumpers/cardigans are too long in the sleeve and too big from my shoulders. Things I knit fit me so I enjoy wearing them. Also since I have done Colour Me Beautifully I am really picky about the colours I wear so by knitting the item I can find the exact colour I want.

9.    You meet lots of interesting people: Craft fairs, knit and natters, knitters are a friendly bunch. Invariably I have my knitting out and people stop and talk.

10. Lastly I am earning money doing something I love doing: I need to do something to earn money while I take care of my mother so why not do something I love.

So that is why I  always have a pair of knitting needles in my hands.
Knitting on a cruise around Norway