Banner designed by Marianne Coye - Leisure Lane

Sunday, 16 October 2011

My new Banner

I have my new banner, two lovely faeries knitting. The Knittington Fairies' twins, Christiana and Cassandra. Marianne Coyne from Leisure Lane has designed them. I should really be preparing for school this week, but I just had to get them on  the blog and show them off.  If you want to see what other beautiful pictures she has drawn go here. The Knittington Faerie's Shop.

Ok so I had better go and do some work. :-(


  1. Christine, the banner looks great on your blog!
    Hope your school work goes smoothly.


  2. The art came out beautifully and looks amazing on your blog. What beautiful colors to add to such a wonderful blog. I will be back to visit again.

  3. Your banner is so pretty. Marianne is a talented gal and so are you! Your handiwork is stunning. Best wishes and kind regards,
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek