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Monday, 14 August 2017

Kelly's 1st Scarf - (Maggie Sefton Challenge)

Flower Colour - Grundi

I found this yarn at the bottom of my stash, it is super chunky where as the pattern is chunky. I also changed the needles from 15mm to 8mm because on the large needles the flower pieces didn't show.


This is the scarf finished.

The scarf on the mannequin at Open Studios last weekend. I am now going to put it for sale on Facebook for £18. I  just have the sleeveless top to knit and I will have finished everything from "Knit One, Kill Two".

Monday, 17 July 2017

Cinnamon Rolls - (Maggie Sefton Challenge)

I have started the scarf but last week I decided to have a go at Maggie's Cinnamon Rolls. The outcome was eatable but I think they were a bit doughy and undercooked.

Dough left to prove the 1st time

Ready to be rolled out - disaster stuck as I thought mum has a rolling pin. She did not so I had to sort of push  it out and try and roll with a jar.

In the oven dishes and ready to be left to prove. 

Proved and ready to go in the oven.
I think I should have left them for longer though.

Just out of the oven.

Ready to eat, the icing was the best bit!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Yarn for the 1st two knits from Knit One, Kill Two. (Maggie Sefton Challenge)

Flower Colour - for Kelly's First Scarf
Kelly's First Scarf 

The original pattern uses chunky on really big needles, but I found this at the bottom of my stash. It is Super Bulky but I am not going to use really big needles. I am still going to knit the scarf in garter stitch exactly the same as the pattern but the needles are 8mm, so fairly big. 😙

It is 60% Acrylic, 35% Polyester, 5% Wool.

Lambspun's Whodunnit Shell

This yarn is for the sleeveless top. The pattern uses Bulky and Winter Garden is Chunky/Bulky depending where you look, so not much difference. It is 30% Llama, 30% wool, 20% silk, 20% Linen/Flax. I chose this yarn because of the colour and the fleckes in it. I think it will look right for this project.

Winter Garden - for Lambspun's Whodunnit Shell
Winter Garden - for Lambspun's Whodunnit Shell

Friday, 23 June 2017

Maggie Sefton Challenge

I picked up a knitting mystery book by Maggie Sefton Knit One, Purl One.  There are 14 books in the series, the latest one was publised 2017. The stories are light reading, perfect to read and knit, or when it gets too hot to knit just read. 😎  At the end of each story is knitting patterns and recipies of things which were part of the story.

In this book there are 2 patterns Kelly's First Scarf and Lambspun's Whodunnit Shell  (A shell is a short sleeveless top, which is a simple shape with a high neckline) and 1 recipe Maggie's Cinnamon Rolls. Kelly is the main character who is learning to knit so these 2 patterns are easy knits on chunky yarn.

For a bit of fun I have decided to set myself the challenge of knitting every pattern and make every recipie in the book before I move onto the next book.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

10 Reasons why I knit

Why do I knit? Why do I always seem to have a pair of needles in my hand? Spend my hard earn cash on yarn? Umm well let’s start at the beginning. My mum believed you should have a go at lots of things. Sitting around doing nothing was not an option, and watching the TV was limited. I learnt to knit, crochet, sew, embroidery, French knitting the list goes on. I have continued to dip in and out of each handicraft activity depending on my mood ever since. The only one I never liked is embroidery, although I do like cross-stitch.

So why have I ended up doing knitting more than any of the other crafts? 
1.     I can't sit still doing nothing: Basically I need to be doing something but that does not answer why knitting.
2.    It is portable: Ok when you get to the end of a jumper or shawl you can't really pop it into a bag, but a sock, hat or scarf goes nicely in to a bag. I confess I always have some knitting in my bag. This really started when I was in Spain. Queues are an everyday way of life; if you need to do an official paperwork expect at least an hour wait, possible 2 hours! You can even knit standing up!
3.    Different projects: I have at least 3 projects on the go at the same time, i) bag knitting ii) watch TV knitting iii) It's hard, I have to concentrate knitting. This means I never get bored, and during the day I use my brain but also do some fun knitting.
4.    You never stop learning: In knitting there are 2 basic stitches knit and purl. What you do with them is the fun part. There is always a new skill to be learnt, books to be read and things to try and do.
5.    You handle lovely, soft, amazing yarns: Its an excuse to go and find and use unusual yarns...Yak, camel, milk fibre, tree pulp the list goes on.
6.    I enjoy teaching:  I could teach any craft it just I have gone down the road of teaching knitting. I love it when somebody is so pleased with what they have done.
7.    I need to use my brain: One of my projects is either using a complicated pattern, or one where I have to change something, and work out new measurements.
8.    I can make things that fit me and they are the colour I want: Bought jumpers/cardigans are too long in the sleeve and too big from my shoulders. Things I knit fit me so I enjoy wearing them. Also since I have done Colour Me Beautifully I am really picky about the colours I wear so by knitting the item I can find the exact colour I want.

9.    You meet lots of interesting people: Craft fairs, knit and natters, knitters are a friendly bunch. Invariably I have my knitting out and people stop and talk.

10. Lastly I am earning money doing something I love doing: I need to do something to earn money while I take care of my mother so why not do something I love.

So that is why I  always have a pair of knitting needles in my hands.
Knitting on a cruise around Norway

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Baby Shawl is Finished

I am pleased with the finished result but I defiantly don't think the rose motif is worth the effort. Maybe with some changes, the pip stitches made an interesting affect but the rose as a whole, in my opinion, was lost. I want to make another shawl but I think I will carry on the diamond patterns and the if there is room add something else in the middle. 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Rose Section in Cobweb Shawl

The shawl so far
 This is as far as I have got with the shawl. The rose section really does slow you down as there is something to do on every row. No easy purl row.  Thankfully I am half way through the rose.
Rose section

Here is the rose and the pip stitches in more detail. The truth is I am not sure if it is worth the trouble. We will see when it is finished.

I also received  A Legacy of Shetland Lace by Shetland Guild of Spinners. It looks like an interesting read. One thing I have read to dress a shawl you can rinse it with a weak solution of starch. Maybe not a good idea as it is for a baby.