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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Finishing off weekend

We had lovely weather this weekend, so mum and I got out into the garden. Mum has two cherry trees in her garden and last year both had nests made in them. Last year mum started pruning the one which a gold-finch had nested in before we realised so the top never really got pruned properly, and the one at the side of the house we never started as I saw a pigeon making a nest in that tree. Mum was determined we will get both trees pruned before the birds start nesting so out we went and got them both done.

 As for knitting I got my Basic, Basic, Basic Course - Lesson 2 Swatches finished and I sent them off yesterday. 

Teal square beads

The beads arrived for Julia's shawl so I knitted a swatch to see which beads work well with the yarn. I have sent an email off with some close up photos and I am waiting to hear what she thinks.

Basically it all depends on how Julia is planning to use the shawl. If she is going to just wear it as a shawl then I would suggest using square beads, if she wants to wear it as a scarf as well then I suggest the round beads. 

Metallic and teal round beads
Round: For colour I would go for a mixture of metallic and teal beads. If she just wants the sparkle then go for clear.

Square: If she just wants sparkle go for clear. For colour no sparkle then frosty, and if she wants sparkle and colour - and really notice the beads - then teal square. 

Frosty Square beads

It is a very thin yarn and it seems that it is going to give the impression of a spiders web when it is finished. I read on Ravelry that a person used clear beads and it looked like dew drops on the shawl which sounds nice.

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  1. This will be lovely, Christine. The beads sound enchanting with the very light yarn and web design...very fairy-ish.

    Enjoy creating,