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Monday, 9 April 2012

Things that are finished

Echo Flower 
Oh gosh doesn't time go quickly! It is nearly a month since I have updated this blog. :-(

The weather has been amazing so I have been helping mum sort out the garden. We have moved her Agapanthus to a new been and bought 3 roses which she needs to plant. We have also started a herb container, I now need to split the mint and put it in new pots and give my brother some.

Ok what have I been up to with my knitting.

Well, firstly some photos to post.

 First is a shawl I have knitted for sale. It is made of Tencel and Rayon. Did you know Tencel is wood pulp? It is hard to believe, but I like it as a yarn. It has a silky feel. This is 4ply yarn so quite thick but I am not sure how warm it would be.

I had enough yarn left over to make a shawlette, very simple to knit and perfect to do while watching the TV.
You can just about see the beads
There are beads along the edge, which you can just about see in this photo.

This is Joshua's finished Entrelac Scarf. I am pleased with how it turned out.
Joshua's Entrelac Sca

The next thing I would like to try is a Entrelac shawl. I have seen several ideas on Ravelry, but that will have to wait as I have to start my circular shawl to wear to Kayte's wedding.
Photo of Indigo, navy, loden and kilt green
I wanted it to be made out of 100% Tencel and after a long hard search I have found some. Just Our Yarn.  It is described as "Indigo, navy, loden and kilt green" 

Hopefully it will work out fine as I am doing Mystic Star so it gives the idea of a knit sky and I will use some rainbow clear beads.

I gave Julia her shawl at the weekend and she was very pleased with it, which I am glad.

Hope everybody has had a good Easter holiday.

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  1. That yarn color is lovely...about the same as my beaded capelet :) Thanks for the kind words! Your shawl is lovely too!