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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Finish one and start another

Sunshine, well after the fog clears. For the last three days there has been a thick sea fog, but by 11 o'clock it has clear.

Sunday morning mum and I went out in the garden and did some pruning and all you could hear was the deep sound of the fog horns resounding around.

With all this sunshine I have been able to get into the garden and take some photos. The next thing s to get some shawls up on Esty and Folksy for sale

Julia's shawl is finished and I think it has worked out well. It is light and the beads add sparkle but don't stand out. She is planning to come down to the Island at the end of March so I will give her the shawl then.

At first I thought Tencel was going to be hard to use but apart from the stitches seemed to get stuck on top of each other it was not too bad.  In fact I have decide to knit a circular shawl in Tencel. I want a shawl to wear to Kayte's wedding which is a bit different. It is between Urdr or Mystic Star . Both are by Anna Daivi - Knit & Knag.

It has to go with a skirt I have so poppy red or green, so now I have my thinking cap on and seaching around for some yarn.


  1. The shawl is just beautiful! I love the details and the beautiful blue color. Stunning!