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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Simple Ways to Relieve & Prevent Hand Pain

I am on the final stretch for Julia's shawl, the long rows which seem never ending. ;-) and I have noticed that my hands are hurting. I think it is because the yarn is thin. Anyway this arrived in my inbox today from Lions Brand and I thought I would share it with you.
Have a good weekend. 

When your work with your hands as much as knitters and crocheters do it’s important to remember not to strain or overwork your body.

Knitting and crochet should be hobbies that help you relax and relieve stress. There are several ways to reduce stress on your hands and body, and these simple tips will help you avoid injury and treat existing symptoms.*
5 Simple Ways
SeatedPay attention to how you are sitting.
Sit down as though you were about to begin crafting. Is your back supported? Is there enough light to see well, and enough room to move your elbows and arms freely as you work? You may be straining your hands to try and compensate for one of these other issues. Examine the places you craft for simple fixes you can make to add light, support and space.
Remember to take breaks while you craft.
While it can be tempting to power through a few more rows when you are tired, listen to your body and put your project on pause. Breaks should vary the motion of what you are doing; try doing small, rewarding activities during your break like taking a short walk, watering houseplants or playing with a family pet.
Massage and stretch your hands.
This is a wonderful (and relaxing) way to rejuvenate your fingers, wrists and palms. Try different methods and go easy on yourself; only rub or stretch your hands to a point that feels comfortable. There are some great hand stretch suggestions on (click here).
Ergonomic Crochet Hook SetChoose ergonomic tools.
If you’ve only ever tried straight knitting needles or metal crochet hooks, it might be time to try something new. Many knitters prefer using circular needles when possible because of the bounce-back of the cord that connects them, and crocheters are raving about this ergonomic crochet hook set that fits in the palm of your hand.
Stress Relief GlovesWear stress relief gloves.
Wearing these stress relief gloves allows the muscles of your hand to relax while you work. These gloves have been specially designed with crafters in mind, so they are completely fingerless and stand up to long-term use.


  1. Christine, thank you for these great tips. Recently I do get tendon cramping that goes up my arm. This should surely help.

    I went to Livestrong site, and the exercise with the rubber band was one my doctor told me about many years back. He said that a colleague of his healed his carpel tunnel with this very same exercise.

    This certainly is something to keep aware of.

    Enjoy your weekend,

  2. Great suggestions. I've also heard that using a stress ball can help.
    Thanks for highlighting the subject.